IQOS is the new E-Cigarette developed by the giant of the Philip Morris tobacco industry. Although it is not yet marketed in France (expected in May), it is already the subject of criticism. His opponents accuse him of being as harmful as traditional cigarette, mislead consumers and encouraging smoking, or at least to stop smoking to get out.

This cigarette "new generation", called IQOS, has the distinction of not release any smoke or smell while restoring the feel of traditional cigarettes. How is it possible ? IQOS works through a system that heats sticks tobacco without burning. According to the manufacturer, this method would make the product less harmful than "regular" cigarettes. Indeed, in recent burn at about 850 degrees while the new device does not exceed 350 degrees. Consequence fewer toxic substances (carbon monoxide, tar, mercury ...) would be ingested.

A "smoking out" 

But these arguments Philip Morris have so far been no verification, even on the part of the Food & Drug Administration (the US drug agency). Critics of this device have anyway not wait for the official conclusions to denounce potential "dangerousness". 

When asked by our colleagues from Parisian, the pulmonologist Bertrand Dautzenberg (Pitié-Salpêtrière) quips saying it is a "smoking out": "No, it is not less harmful than cigarettes. This is a tobacco product. There will also a health warning, as the words 'Smoking kills' on cigarette packets. Saying that this system presents less risk to health, Philip Morris conducts an unlawful campaign. The French and European laws prohibit such claims. IQOS was created to attract and maintain dependence nonsmokers. " 

For the specialist, the IQOS is not comparable to a cigarette e: "The electronic cigarette is a substitute. The IQOS stick is consumed in five minutes. So we desire to smoke another. These peaks nicotine addictive. This is not the case with the electronic cigarette that is vapote throughout the day. There is, instead, a gradual decrease of nicotinic receptors in the brain. We must differentiate between the two. "

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