Varicose veins result from venous insufficiency. The walls of the veins dilate and the blood stagnates instead of down in the leg, causing a malfunction of the valves and the formation of varicose veins. The first signs are usually blue lines that appear under the skin, usually on the calves. Beyond their unsightly appearance, the consequences of varicose veins can be more serious with risk of thrombosis superficial bleeding or even edema and venous ulcers. It is therefore important to pay attention to the appearance of these small blue marks and consult a physician or phlebologist without delay, whatever the age at which they appear. The first doctor's advice will usually be wearing stockings and taking phlebotonic drugs. There are also effective surgical alternatives like laser or sclerotherapy. But it is also possible to turn to more natural alternative treatments, particularly when the lesions are of recent onset.

Prevention first

If it is difficult to completely eliminate varicose installed, it is still important to be alert to early signs, particularly in case of presence of circulatory problems in the family. It is never too early to adopt right moves:

  • Physical activity and walk up
  • Wear down restraints if prolonged standing or air travel (also reduces the risk of thrombosis)
  • Avoid too hot baths and finish the shower with a jet of cold water on the legs
  • Ensure a healthy diet and drink lots of water
  • Place a pillow under your legs to keep them slightly raised overnight

Improve blood circulation with herbal medicine

It is precisely on improving traffic that these alternative treatments are most effective. Many plants are known for their virtues against varicose veins, it is the case of red vine which reduces the feeling of heavy legs and tones veins. Both vasoprotective and antioxidant, it can be absorbed in capsule or ampoule form, usually in minimum cure 20 days. It is also possible to drink tea. You just have to have a liter of boiling water 30g of red vine leaves for about ten minutes, due to bowl on day 3 months.

It is often recommended to combine the red wine to other plants for efficiency. The other plant miraculous against varicose veins is horse chestnut, with that little extra to be very effective as a poultice applied directly on the legs. The work, witch hazel, meadowsweet and blackcurrant are also allies of choice to improve blood circulation, as The holly is a natural veinotonic. There is now herbalist or drugstore plants specifically made cocktails to fight against circulatory problems. A good way to take the best of each!

The hirudotherapy

Under this name hides an astonishing practice qu'ancestrale: sansgsues use for medicinal purposes. Rather marginal in France, it still tends to democratize. Although patients remain suspicious of this little critter, it must be said, not very reassuring at first.

Yet they are very effective in the treatment of varicose veins and circulatory problems globally due to their ability to drain the blood, provided they are used by a specialist practitioner and in impeccable hygiene.

Essential oils

Essential oils are handled with care, always on the recommendation of a specialist or a doctor trained in their use. Used in massage, they are very effective in preventing varicose veins and improve blood circulation, it is possible to find creams or gels containing essential oils applied directly to the legs.

The essential oil of lemon, cypress, cedar or mastic are especially effective for toning and refreshing the legs. The essential oil combination of mint and rosemary essential oil is also very useful for soothe the feeling of heavy legs and cramps.

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