Endometriosis is a condition resulting from the abnormal presence of uterine tissue outside the uterus. The result is micro-cyst formation (originally pain) that grow under the influence of estrogen and progesterone - female hormones that regulate the menstrual cycle - on nearby bodies of the uterus fallopian , ovaries, vagina ... the location in the fallopian tubes is also responsible for a risk of infertility. But be careful not to confuse endometriosis and infertility: only a third of women with this condition have problems with infertility.

Endometriosis is diagnosed and often little late because its symptoms - poorly in the lower abdomen, painful and heavy periods, pain during sex ... - are often undervalued by the doctor and the patient herself. When she is suspected, the disease is confirmed by a gynecological examination, coupled with a possible pelvic ultrasound or MRI.