She addresses her messages more or less subtle for one day sing with her, and Céline Dion decided he seems to practice humor excessive as does Adele at his concerts. If Céline Dion was always funny and full of gestures, she now dares slightly naughty jokes.

Indeed, discreetly video filmed by a fan last April 21 but only unveiled this month, has just made its appearance on Instagram. We see Céline Dion kneeling on the stage at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, where she continues to give a series of concerts to sign an autograph to a lucky spectator. Obviously, the singer of 49 years has found much annoyed, hands occupied by his microphone.

Céline Dion, always very affected by the death of her husband, René Angélil, who died last year, seems to find good reflexes humorous to continue to please his fans, followers of his songs, but also of his jokes. So they served, as Celine simply placed his microphone between her breasts, to be held by the bustier of her dress.

Obviously, the audience laughter quickly gained the room. The singer did not stop there. She then asked a few questions to the audience and had to close his chest from his mouth whenever he wanted to meet. We let you discover this very funny moment in the video below. 

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