Their age difference did much talking. Emmanuel Macron and Brigitte Trogneux companion were 23 years apart, but keep repeating that they love like the first day. One day the mother of presidential candidate is also not soon forget.

The journalist Anne Fulda is indeed part to meet the parents of Emmanuel Macron. In spring a book, Emmanuel Macron a young man so perfect (Plon, in bookstores on April 6) which publishes Paris Match this Saturday the good leaves.

According to the account of the journalist, relations between parents and Emmanuel Macron Brigitte Trogneux were first chaotic. At 16, the jeune Emmanuel falls under the spell of his French teacher. Until then, his parents knew that he""A youthful love with a girl in his class". They never could then have imagined this unusual love story. According to Anne Fulda, they were even convinced that their son was in love with Laurence Auzière's daughter, Brigitte!

When the mother of Emmanuel Macron discovers the relationship between her son and her teacher, she tries to prevent the two lovebirds meet again: "I forbid you to see up to eighteen years." A threat that did not work on Brigitte Trogneux, who reportedly told him, sorry, "I can not promise anything."

Two years later, when the mother of Emmanuel Macron asks his son to tell him the truth about his love, the young man opts for sincerity and replied: "Mom, I still love Brigitte."

In 2007 he married Brigitte Trogneux, and in 2017 perhaps she will become the first lady of France, who knows ...

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