"Woman driver, danger at the turn!" recite my uncle René, before bursting into laughter. Ok, it's generational, I can understand the joke. And now recently, one of my friends gives me drive: "Listen, if you do not you mind I'll put the GPS ... It is well known that women and the sense of direction that makes two!". A new photo. Worst of all do, that's when I returned in the evening at home ... There is always a whistle for me and challenge me so gritty, accusing my miniskirt to make him the eye without restraint. As if I had it in mind! Tired of all these misconceptions.

This is not an isolated case, it happens to us all and every day. This is called the ordinary sexism. Aude Gogny-Goubert, actress, denounces this sketch cliches we encounter as a woman and which one would be fine with a sharp and sparkling humor sense! You have examples of everyday sexism as you live in your daily life? Testify on social networks without forgetting #sexismeordinaire hashtag!

Aude Gogny-Goubert is an actress who touches the arts! Directed, theater, television, web productions ... She made known in particular by its performance in the Palmashow in 2012. Since 2013, it multiplies the appearances on Canal + and France 2. We love the freshness and pungent humor! With Femme Actuelle, it now performs three skits impactful on everyday sexism, a topical issue that we really care about heart. To follow Aude, find his Facebook page on which she holds her informed all new projects of community.

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