Bad timing for the clan Trierweiler. While the former first lady in full promotion for his latest book -The secret of Adele, published the Arènes- out May 17, is slowly coming back in love with the French, it is now the headlines for a reason other. His son Leonard, 20, puts it in a somewhat awkward position.

 The youngest of the siblings, hitherto relatively quiet, has just been testing positive for cocaine. Early Saturday morning, probably leaving a festive evening, the young man was arrested by police while riding on his scooter, "earphones" reveals a source to our colleagues Parisien. Proceeding to the usual routine checks, the police found her red eyes and "paste remarks," what go further in their investigations and warrant a screening test saliva multidrug. This revealed that Léonard Trierweiler had used cocaine. 

Unable to place him in custody because of "time out", the young apprentice cook at the prestigious school Ferrandi was however taken to the police of the eighth arrondissement of Paris. The prosecution having been advised it should be reconvened soon. By then, a good soul will be responsible to go get his scooter fixed on site.

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