How brave ! Beth Whaanga, a young Australian has literally laid bare on social networks. No misplaced exhibitionism, but instead, a great initiative. Survivor of breast cancer diagnosed there just a year, the young woman wanted to show the world the damage of the disease.

Entitled "Under the Red Dress" ("Under the red dress"), The challenge taken up Beth Whaanga was to take pictures in the nude and show the world the scars left by a long journey against cancer. Thus, after a first picture of her in a red dress on his Facebook profile, it adds a shot of his naked body. Annotations recall the various damage it has suffered: loss of weight and hair, double mastectomy (this Angelina Jolie publicized to encourage women to get tested) or the removal of the uterus .

The goal is obviously to raise awareness of breast cancer: "every day we meet people. These people appear normal, but sometimes under their clothes, their bodies tell a different story", She says on her Facebook account.

This is not to shock or to be sorry for himself, Beth Whaanga wants to encourage other victims of breast cancer to accept their scars: "these brands are not ugly, they show that we survived".

On the eve of October 2014 rose, initiatives to raise awareness of breast cancer are increasing. Remember, we recently told you about eight Norwegian who shot a clip to prove they are still sexy.

So congratulations to all those women full of courage and daring!

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