Kate Middleton would have become a snob? In any case the views of users, following a television interview. And for once it's not her outfit that is criticized, or even the topic in the interview. What shocked, this is his way of speaking.

Yet it started from a good intention. Kate Middleton, accompanied by Princes William and Harry, has agreed to play the game of conversation, without filter. The goal ? Highlighting the association Heads Together that helps people with mental illnesses and encouraging them to talk about their discomfort. Located in the garden of Kensington, the royal trio indulged in very personal matters, such as difficulty to become parents, or the loss of a loved one, here Lady Diana.

A moment full of emotions circulated on social networks. Yet many have missed. A number of netizens in fact accused the mother of George and Charlotte snobbery. Concerned, his mannered and unnatural accent. "Good girl but focus totally bogus, more snobbish than princes" or "Why Kate Middleton she talks like that? A kind of super posh accent. It's even worse than her husband. " A British surfer same quips: "Everyone in London told me that I have the snobbish air. It's probably because I look too interviews Kate Middleton. "

We'll let you judge for yourself: 

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