On social networks, the challenges are on the rise. Ice bucket challenge, challenge ab crack or A4 waist challenge ... These challenges increasingly absurd abound on the Web. Last achieved on the one finger selfie challenge (the selfie of single finger, in English), which pushes the limits of exposure on social networks.

Inspired by an illustration of the Japanese designer Sky Freedom, this challenge is to hide his nakedness with a single finger. For this, it invites users to pose nude before a mirror and hide breasts and genitals with their index using his reflection. Then of course post it on social networks. You should know that this challenge is not suitable for all body types. Is he not a form of apology for slimming?

Failure to undress on the web, some have opted for a shifted version of the challenge. A user has decided to stick to the literal sense one finger (finger, English) and therefore photographed naturally. A woman when she decided to respond to the challenge with a photo of her dressed, major statement. "Have you heard the one selfie challenge? Are they serious? Here is my interpretation of this challenge", She says under her photograph published on Instagram.

Obviously, this challenge is not ahead of the challenge very static model, noted by many celebrities like Hillary Clinton, Beyonce or the Miss France. Shortly after, the trump's coming challenge (Trump arrives fly, English) were also made about him. And writing Femme Actuelle had lent herself to the game.