They were all there, this Friday, September 1, to pay their last tribute to "the grasshopper." All but the first lady, Brigitte Macron. A notable absence, particularly by Véronique de Villele, near Mireille Darc. "Where was the Minister of Culture? Where was Brigitte Macron? Where were the movie actresses? Very sad !"Had she and wrote on his Facebook account on September 2. Three days later, Bernard Montiel, a friend of Mireille Darc and Brigitte Macron, wished to defend it.  

"When I see that some people protest the lack of the wife of the President of the Republic to Mireille's funeral, it revolts me", He said in a telephone interview with VOD on Monday. "Those speaking without knowledge. As you know, I am very close to Brigitte Macron. Well I tell you that his absence at the funeral is nothing outrageous. On the contrary. I can reveal that she sent me two extremely touching texting. The first at the time of announcement of the death of Mireille, the second just after the ceremony."

Bernard Montiel, convinced of the good faith of Brigitte Macron and above all, empathy, added: "She told me she loved and admired Mireille, she had never met yet. She writes that she thought coming to the funeral but she is forbidden to do so, out of respect and precisely because it feared that we reproach him, to be told that it's' imposed." He concluded: "During those sad days, Brigitte Macron showed genuine compassion and pain she shared with me. One can criticize his lack disgusts me." The leader also said that Claudia Ferrazzi Councilor culture Emmanuelle Macron, was "specially sent by the President of the Republic."  It is said. 

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