Gala magazine devotes a long article this week in the renaissance of Anne Sinclair. There is just one year, leaving the journalist Dominique Strauss-Kahn. After the rumors that in June 2012 that the couple had separated, it's in August that Anne Sinclair finally confirmed the information. Real pillar for the former director of the IMF during the black month in New York, Anne Sinclair has perhaps not bear her husband once more the record "class".  

In March 2013, the divorce from Anne Sinclair and DSK, married since 1991, was formalized. Barely two years after Nafissatou Diallo case that destroyed the presidential ambitions of his now ex-husband is a loving woman you (re) discovered. His new companion, Pierre Nora, 17 years older is a mature man, certainly, but mostly grown, historian and member of the French Academy. 

Anne Sinclair and Pierre Nora are known at Sciences Po Paris when she was a student. There are some weeks when he was asked about his new celebrity, Pierre Nora has not denied the relationship attributed to him with Anne Sinclair. His thoughts were as sober explicit ... While the journalist questioned him, he offered a "It's amazing how little I lived"And when she asked him "You finally allow to live?"He replied confidently: " Listen, you have to put it right, even a little late! ".

Anne Sinclair was printing, editorial director of the French version of the Huffington Post launched in January 2012, is about to be able to resume a life of woman completely fulfilled without fear of media vague about her husband ...