After Rock'n Roll, Guillaume Canet is once again on the big screen in the thriller by Christian Carion, my boy. It interprets the role of an absent father faced with the disappearance of his son. On the occasion of the promotion of the film, released in theaters on September 20, Guillaume Canet confided in the columns of Le Parisien.

The film was shot in six days without a script, everything was an improvisation. To get into the skin of the father who had just lost her child, Guillaume Canet was inspired by his own life. He is the father of two children with his wife, Marion Cotillard: Marcel, 6 and Louise, 7 months. "I'm a father now, so I put a lot of myself. I spoke with my words, my hesitations. I've never learned"Has he told Le Parisien.

During filming, says Guillaume Canet have preferred to isolate to devote himself entirely to his role. It is totally cut off from his team and his family: "I think I liked it because it lacks fed me, given what I was playing". The 44 year old actor yet ensures that his wife and children will always remain his priority:"We have a normal family life. It is a question of organization. We are never far away from children, and we always arranges for one or the other is here".

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