The friendship between Jamel Debbouze and Gad Elmaleh is proven. For nearly twenty years, the two comedians of Moroccan origin maintain a friendly relationship without pitfall, blows jokes and hoaxes. In the city as in the scene, they form a duo that works. They are the source of many skits cults including the famous parody of American teleshopping "the iron rod" or "1 2 3 Sun". The secret of this friendship flawless? Their ability to laugh at everything and especially laugh themselves.

In 2012, Jamel Debbouze had helped chambering his faithful friend on her love life at the time in a relationship with Charlotte Casiraghi, on the stage of Marrakech laughter. Although this passage was censored during assembly, the complicity of two comedians did not fail either. There are some days, the duo clash has once again returned to the Moroccan festival of laughter. The opportunity for Jamel Debbouze to tease his friend again on social networks. Last Tuesday, the husband of Mélissa Theuriau published a picture to say the least disturbing on his Instagram account. Caught in transit, we see the face of a man whose features are reminiscent of Gad Elmaleh. The cliché of the "double" whose identity remains unknown, many users amused and Gad Elmaleh itself. "Death to laugh," he commented under the photo. "Should we find it," replied Jamel Debbouze. The APB is launched ... 

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