According to the first study to show interest in "the absence of sexual activity," 10.8% of women and 6.6% of men had no report in the last twelve months. Who are these men and women who go to sex? Single, married recently or couple for a long time. They have thirty, forty or fifty years and live in cities or in the countryside. Suffice to say everyone. Some found themselves alone in their beds after a relationship break and stayed. Others have opted for chastity, for an indefinite period.

But all claim the right to take a break from their sex lives. "Once religion imposed abstinence during major holidays, after pregnancy, during lactation or menstruation of women, analyzes the sociologist Janine Mossuz- Lavau, author of a dictionary of sexualities, to be published in early March. What is new is that people today are claiming themselves the right to abstinence. "