Baby's first birthday is always a special taste. Especially when all diagnoses did not grant him a few weeks to live. Born with a severe malformation of the skull, little Jaxon clings daily life.

There first had the happy surprise of the child's sex before the bad news. While she is 17 weeks pregnant, Brittany Buell, a young American, learns during his second ultrasound that her boy is not quite like the others. Some tests later, doctors are more specific about his health: the baby has microwave Hydranencephaly, extreme defect that deprives a large part of his skull. According to the diagnosis, he will certainly never hear, speak, much less walk as if he were to be born alive, his days would be numbered. Terminate the pregnancy is the best option for specialists but it was not counting on the determination of young parents give life to their child.

The least we can say is that Jaxon Strong, nicknamed as the Internet (in French, Jaxon "strong") Has stopped fighting: "since birth, is everything he does"Confirms his mom. Although his early days were not easy, little Jaxon had to be hospitalized for weeks from his birth, he now enjoys an advanced treatment that helps maintain his health. A follow-up course that has a cost but the small family can count on the generosity of Internet users. They were more than 1,500 to participate in crowdfunding launched by Brittany and Brandon Buell, the jackpot now stands at 66 000.

Having celebrated its first birthday, parents now want to look to the future although they are quite realistic about Jaxon's condition: "We try to stay positive 99% of the time. But we are aware of the situation, we will probably live longer than he"Says her mother. 

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