They thrilled us for so many years. This Monday, June 26, Audrey Lamy announced his departure from the popular French television series Scenes from, broadcast since 2009 on M6. His playing partner, Loup-Denis Elion, also draws his bow.

It was a mythical couple. One couple that made the success of the cleaning Scenes series. Today, despite excellent ratings this year, Audrey Lamy, aged 36, and Loup-Denis Elion, 37 years old (and Marion and Cédric respectively in the series) bid farewell to viewers.

"Nine years that one sees every night! Thank you all for your loyalty #IllBeBack ( 'I'll be back')", Published Audrey Lamy on Twitter this afternoon in a photo caption where she embraces her partner, with the inscription "The End" ("The end"). For its part, Loup-Denis Elion has also shared this photo. "End of shoot for the chicks ... Many thanks to all for your presence all these years! I kiss you !"Has he written.

The ninth season of the history of Marion and Cédric (nicknamed "Chick" and "Chick" in the series), this now famous couple in their thirties, will be broadcast as from September until June 2017 on M6 (many episodes have already been shot). Audrey Lamy and Loup-Denis Elion now devote to their projects on television and film. It is still unclear whether the writer of household scenes have planned a plot to mark their departure ... hoping that everything ends well for this married couple (on the screen) in the season 8, since April 11, 2017. We wish them anyway a "Happy end", Television and in life. 

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