Not a day goes by that François Fillon do not controversy. Yesterday, the right candidate was attacked on Twitter by users. Invited to speak in the political 15-minute program for reproof, the husband of Pénélope Fillon launched a note on journalist Léa Salamé who shocked many viewers.

Asked about his program on reforming social security, that idea has been abandoned, the policy said: "I understand that you asked me this question because you've been away a while and let me congratulate you ". He was obviously referring to the recent pregnancy of the journalist, who gave birth last March 12 and who is granted maternity leave express forcing it to disappear from the antenna. The response of users was as immediate as virulent " Fillon accused Léa Salamé having trouble tracking the campaign because she was pregnant ... class all the way !!! "Has thus moved @annegenmadrid. "Seriously? Very elegant this attack on Salame maternity leave! Large class François Fillon... "has yet won @Schesnel. But still, "I dream or he just attacked Léa Salamé about her pregnancy "offended when @Cammeve @dreamgratuit gets angry: "The allusion big clumsy on her pregnancy Léa Salamé by François". Do not throw away.

Macho? Sexist? We know who have already chosen the candidate for whom they will not vote. 

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