For its special program devoted to attacks in Paris, Petit Journal de Canal + went to meet children in the streets of the capital to let them express open heart. Among them, the testimony of a little boy aged about 6 years. Upsetting.

Monday, November 16. Three days after the terrible attacks of Paris, it is time for national unity.
The famous Diary of Yann Barthès then offers "outstanding issue" entitled "generation Bataclan". The paper opens with a shot of the Eiffel Tower lit in the colors of France, after two days in the dark. 
For this special issue, teams Diary wished to give voice to children. Republic Square, reporter Martin Weill asks a little boy and his dad. 
"I explained that it was very serious what is happening. We even we come from migration, there is first the heart of French. We must be always proud of the country where you live, the values ​​it represents. That's why I really wanted to be here, because this has really touched us. I absolutely wanted my son to be there for me to explain, and he understands exactly what happens"Said the man, kneeling to be worthy of her child. 

"You know what happened? You understand why these people do that?"Asks Martin Weill to the boy. Reply : "Yes because they are very very very bad. The wicked is not very nice the bad guys. And you have to be really careful because you have to change house ...", What his dad adds: "But no, do not worry. We do not need to change home is France our home." "But there are wicked ... Dad retorted the boy. They have guns and they can shoot us because they are very very bad."
And the father explains: "Yes there are bad guys everywhere. It's okay, them they have guns and we were flowers". His son, incredulous, then asks: "But the flowers never mind ...". "But if looks, everyone asks flowers. This is to combat pistols. And the candles is not to forget the people who have left."Says Dad. 
"So it's to protect us flowers and candles"Concludes the boy.

A wonderful moment of humanity. Because the truth out of the mouth of children. 

Click here to see the video in high definition (from 06 minutes 20)

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