A few weeks after the christening of Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, on July 5, the happiness of the Middleton family is threatened. The maternal grandparents George and little Charlotte 4 months old, would be on the verge of divorce.

The marriage of his daughter to Prince William on 29 April 2011, appear to be mounted at the head of the mother of Kate Middleton. Admittedly, this princely union has propelled model family on the front of the stage.

Carole and Michael Middleton form an exemplary couple since their marriage in 1980. Prince William was very fond of her in-laws. Marked by the divorce of his parents, he is attached to the warm home of Middleton. In the British press, they embody a bourgeois happiness model, welcoming and cozy. But the fairy tale image seems to dent. The Daily Mail says that since the birth of little Charlotte, Carole Middleton spends all his time to his role as grandmother, leaving her husband.

According to the confidences of a loved one, he "thinks Kate royal position is mounted at the head of Carole and he is sick, the little time they spend together, it behaves diva." Michael Middleton finds herself alone in their house in Bucklebury. His wife would wish to purchase a cottage near Anmer Hall to be near her daughter. Abandoned, it now operates only their society: Party Pieces.

The newspaper reports the first cracks of the Middleton clan. He relayed the annoyance of Prince Charles faces the hold that the grandmother seems to exert on the home of his son. Very close to her daughter and mother at heart, Carole Middleton is invested by its role as grandma pie. To spend as much time with her grandchildren she would have moved with the little family in their country residence of Anmer Hall. There, Carole Middleton merely recreate the household with an iron hand. A reputation that earned him the nickname "Cerberus" among domestic workers. "She chose menus, floral arrangements, forbids any calls to table, gives instructions to staff, the Spanish nanny, Maria Teresa Borrallo. It ensures that the small family has nothing unpleasant to handle. His goal: establish a barrier between the royal couple and the rest of the world "would have entrusted near the Daily Mail. 

According to Globe Magazine, Kate Middleton is already aware of the decision. The cost of this divorce is estimated at 70 million. An outcome that risks being closely monitored.