You thought you have read everything and know everything about Brigitte Macron, our new First Lady? You are wrong. There are still some details of his meeting with Emmanuel Macron we were not reported you. Nothing predestined such a future to this teacher, born in 1953 in Amiens. It was also in this city of the Somme Emmanuel Macron was born. And so this is naturally where they are known. He was a student, she was a professor. It was during a theatrical court that the thunderbolt took place, he was 15, in 1993.

One of the closest friends of Brigitte Macron relates to Pop Story magazine from the first interviews is born Brigitte Trogneux but when she met Emmanuel she was married to André-Louis Auzière, who fell in admiration and under the charm of the young man: "She was literally fascinated by this student. She had finally found someone to talk literature for hours. Their complicity was amazing, but intellectual first."

Quickly this complicity and this attraction turned into a real love story. Of course, this merger was frowned upon, because of their great age difference since Brigitte Macron has 24 years older Emmanuel Macron, since she married in 2007. Since then, despite the criticism, the couple is united and strong. 

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