Their separation caused a stir in 2006, and after for that matter. Yet the couple formed Flavie Flament and Benjamin Castaldi has not given that bad things. Instead, their union was born Enzo, 13 years ago, a teenager who seems quite in step with the times and pretty well balanced. If the boy had previously been preserved media is in all conscience that appears today on social networks. And with such famous parents as hers, hard to go unnoticed.

In recent weeks, especially Enzo shared her holiday photos, sometimes alone and sometimes in friendly company, and from time to time with his dad or his mom. This time it's an adorable shot of his stay in Ibiza alongside Flavie Flament he posted on Instagram. In this photo, he chose to translate into several languages ​​the word "Mom" as a caption, the teenager shows a smile that is not unlike that of his father. It also sports a generous mop peroxidized, probably inspired by the facilitator.

Star couple in the 2000s, Benjamin Castaldi, 47, and Flavie Flament, 43, had the air of having made the right decision on their separation. Today, the first is so in love with his beautiful Aurore Aleman that even considering making him a child; the second it, soothed after the light has been shed on the rape she suffered younger rediscovers love with his companion Vladimir. Between them, Enzo perfectly well in his sneakers do not seem to suffer from this double childhood.

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Mom, mom, madre, mama! ❤️❤️

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