"Savor the moment". Not sure that the management of Coca Cola had thought to utter the slogan of the brand by learning a container containing 370 kg of cocaine was discovered by two employees of the factory signs in the Var and immediately seized by the justice! "This is a very nasty surprise" simply commented the head of the subsidiary.

The cargo, distributed bags, were concealed in a container, from South America. According to the prosecutor of Marseilles, the value of the booty is estimated at 50 million euros. If employees who have fallen on bags were exonerated, remains to know who was destined this illegal merchandise. Containers of Coca-Cola were they used to corporate costs, to transport cargo and deliver it in Europe? Was the cocaine to be sold in France? Or, more simply, it was the drug for Coca-Cola? This last theory course is a delight for surfers.

After all, cocaine was one of the components of the most famous soft drinks until the early 20th century! Officially, it would have disappeared of its composition in 1903. But nothing like that information of this kind to relaunch the debate and fun the Web. On twitter, comments are all the same barrel: "Coca-Cola is a real drug, when I did not, I loses it" wrote one. "I do not drink, I do not smoke, but I use drugs to Coca"Adds another. As for the photos or more explicit, here's one that sums up the general tone.