In the government of Emmanuel Macron, we already knew Sibeth Ndiaye, his counselor. It was revealed by the documentary by Yann Lhenoret: Behind the scenes of a victory.

Since she had noted during the handover between Emmanuel Macron Hollande, as it sported a deemed look "shifted".

Today, it's not a woman everyone is talking about, but a man. Christophe Castaner. Its name tells you maybe nothing at the moment, but he is the man of Emmanuel Macron confidence.

He was appointed Secretary of State for Relations with Parliament and spokesman of the government. A post mediatically very exposed to the delight of his admirers.

That you could not escape, Christophe Castaner has called "a pretty face" is also about that many elected officials recognized him at the time he was elected local, according to La Provence .

But who is really the man who cracked the women? This large brown 51 bringing the stubble perfectly married to Helen, with whom he had two daughters. It's a love story worthy of a novel as it has met the woman who would become his wife in high school. Since then they have never left.

personality side, Christophe Castaner willingly assumes a "little chick side" amateur fluff and big cars.

His second love in life history is Emmanuel Macron. The two men met in 2015. Christophe Castaner is, at the time, the rapporteur of the Macron law. It's love at first sight: "I fell in love with that boy" later explained Christophe Castaner in La Croix. "A person of this kind, of this intelligence, agility, we met once in his life," he explained.

Christophe Castaner rest assured, there are more than one who had to say by thinking, "I fell in love with this boy!"

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