It is only Emmanuel Macron walked on stage at the esplanade of the Louvre which was organized his victory party. Only yes, but supported by his family remained in the shadows during his speech. They then took the stage to sing the national anthem, seconds after his solemn message. Among the relatives of Emmanuel Macron obviously found his wife Brigitte, her daughters and her grandchildren. But the new head of government could also count on the support of his parents Jean-Michel and Françoise Macron Nogues, as well as that of his brother and sister, Estelle Lawrence.

As tells Le Parisien, Emmanuel Macron was surrounded by family when he learned that his destiny was going to be turned upside down forever. It was "the sixth floor of his headquarters, there is the first circle of his campaign team, his parents, his wife Brigitte, children of it, facing the television which reveals his score. The grandchildren are sitting on the ground, "it said in the columns of the newspaper. 

An almost banal family reunion, especially as the relationship between the parents of Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte have not always been rosy: "There was on their side, of misunderstanding, of confrontation, but the mother Emmanuel knows her son has found a balance. And he probably realized he had hurt her, and must balance things, "said Anne Fulda, author of the book Emmanuel Macron, a young man so perfect (Closer sources). For their part, Laurent and Estelle Macron, brother and sister of the new president, prefer to remain discreet and away from the political sphere. 

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