Our advice to adopt the factory trendy style and create an atmosphere deco industrial way, both modern and elegant.

vintage spirit. In this room, the walls and the floor left plain, nothing was created and everything was transformed: the furniture and decorative elements from the world of the plant or at least are inspired. Large shop shelves, structured steel and wood, playing the role of partition. A drawer furniture business becomes buffet and coffee table mounted on wheels evokes the transport trays used in the workshops. The idea to sting: install an indoor canopy, which allows to share space or even enlarge the room, while giving it an undue key.

Warm materials. To dress up the bare concrete floor and give a cozy side seating area, bedecked carpets and yellow and red cushions resume typical primary shades of industrial paints. They are found here and there in the decorative elements (decorative suitcases, boxes, bright letter), and onto the frame beam.

Recreating the atmosphere. Make their nobility source material is the first step. Traditional brick, when the chance of having, remain visible and no longer trying to hide the structural elements. Wood is preferred natural and finishes, and are scrutinized in flea markets ancient crafts furniture: storage apothecaries, mailman office old stool, clothier tables, clocks ... In addition, this can be an opportunity to furnish cheap. The thing is to dare, and especially want to snoop!

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