The different models of garden fountains

In garden centers, DIY stores or specialty stores, you can find a wide range of garden fountains: the most basic consist of a single jet of water, while more elaborate can be majestic sculptures . In between, the fountains in the shape of animals, statues, windmills or Japanese with fountains a true Zen does not lack charm either. Of different sizes, to one or more levels ... Really, the choice is wide to allow everyone to decorate a flower bed or animate a green space. In terms of materials, you will find stone fountains, aluminum, steel, cast iron, wood ... Depending on the material, you can give the style you want in your garden. For example, a stone fountain confer an ancient spirit, authentic and natural to your exterior. 

The advantages of garden fountains

Install a fountain in his garden lets give it another quick look. Indeed, they have the power to transform a mundane exterior a more aesthetic and working place. You'll understand the garden fountain is a decorative element in itself. For example, tiered fountains offer a real spectacle for the eyes with their cascade system. But not only: the fountains also invite relaxation, peace and serenity, created by the melodious sound of water. The garden fountain is also a sign of naturalness and authenticity you will see birds, dragonflies, bees ... enjoy. And, to fully play the card of nature, why not add small fish, as well as plants like a garden pond ? Finally, if you want an original fountain, both spectacular and modern, know that it is possible to integrate lighting effects to enhance your water point at the dusk. 

The operation and maintenance of your fountain

First, the water fountains operate in a closed circuit with a water pump, electric or not. Note that over the fountain is high and the large pool, plus the pump must have significant power to allow water to rise. If you want a greener fountain, opt for a solar model that works with solar panels, or prefer a spot in the shade to reduce evaporation of water and maintain it at a sufficient level . Consider also cure the maintenance of your fountain so that it does not deteriorate. To begin, you should regularly remove leaves and dirt from the pond with a net. It is also useful to treat water against algae, moss and limestone. Finally, note that the cold is not necessarily an ally, especially if your fountain is made up of different levels. Therefore, if you live in a region where temperatures can drop low enough, it is strongly recommended to enter your decorative element in winter to protect it from external aggressions. If this is not possible, remove the pump from the fountain, empty and store it well dry for a few months. To avoid this, you can choose another option: Fully cover your fountain during the winter to protect a minimum, without forgetting to empty all the water in your pond.

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