You have lost the desire to bask in your bathroom and turn time into an impromptu beauty spa session? And if the problem was that your bathroom gives you just do not want you to linger. While it is recommended to protect the planet to avoid the bathroom repeatedly it would be a shame to turn the passage into the chore bathroom. To reclaim this space can be relaxing sometimes just a lick of paint and smart storage to give it a facelift without breaking the bank.

Idea # 1: paint everything white

white bathroom

My mom blog

The most effective solution to give a facelift to a room and especially the bathroom? Give him a big shot of white. In My mom blog this technique was applied from floor to ceiling in the children's bathroom. Know this, one can find the paint to paint a tile and avoid needing to change it!

Idea # 2: the matte paint

matte paint

Mary Pirate

For smaller touches such as a door or wall section can bet on the matte paint. On the advice of the Pirate Mary will therefore be preferred rendering of a matt paint, especially if you opt for a dark color, more chic than satin. We carefully preserve the paint used to touch up or to customize elements of our bathroom!

Idea # 3: customized storage 

customized storage

Morning by Foley

With blogger Morning by Foley is given a second life in our bathroom decor items without going through the box store. With some basic supplies: stickers, spray paint, tape, brush, it customizes a pot or a jewelry basket. What a little wake our bathroom shelves with here walleye, but you let your imagination go according to your taste!

Idea 4: storage of the hook

storage crochet

Emily Play

When not closed cupboards in her bathroom, difficult to hide the mess. To store makeup, medicine, tissue packets & co, you can certainly count on plastic boxes, but for a more cozy side why not be tempted by the storage hook or trapilho? Small baskets is carried home, as in Emily Play. The idea? Vary the sizes and colors.

Idea # 5: standing furniture

standing furniture


To save space in a small bathroom and especially give an impression of space, we follow the blog board Déconome installing freestanding storage furniture. These furniture are chosen preferably with drawers or doors, as in a small space is better able to put a clean record. As for the space freed on the ground, not to spoil the effect avoids the clutter. 

Idea # 6: mounted storage

storage hooks

The Workshop Azimute

The hooks are not just dangle her robe or pajamas. They can also be an air storage solution. As at L'Atelier Azimute, there hangs small storage bins with cotton, elastic, makeup ... Once again, the paint can be our best ally. You have old wooden hooks? Customize them to give them a second life.

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