A robot vacuum cleaner, what is it?

Mounted on wheels, this compact device is provided with suction nozzles as well as side brushes to pick up the dust in the corners and along the walls. He works alone, going from room to room, and no matter the coatings: this vacuum cleaner automatically adjusts the suction mode. After completion or low battery session, it returns itself to its charging base.

What we like

Long battery life, due to an intelligent detection system. Using sensors, the robot makes a precise mapping of the room where it is located, around obstacles (walls, furniture, electrical son, stairs ...) and provides methodical cleaning of the floor. Its small size (less than 9 cm high) allows it to fit under most furniture. We also like the ability to program the aspiration, sometimes via a smartphone.

The inconvenients

With the robot vacuum, we must accept to lose control! And the camera's coverage is not optimal (one speaks of 90%): it can not push the furniture ... Prefer models square-shaped or "D" with round formats, they access the corners better. Choose absolutely a top model, more than 350 €. Otherwise, there's a good chance that the robot is lost, falls, stumbles before an obstacle (even a carpet!) ... Anyway, this type of vacuum cleaner rather remain an extra device because it is condemned to remain on the ground: it can not dust off the couches, baseboards, stairs, etc.

This is for you if ...

You want everything to be perfect every day, without moving from your sofa. You are techie and your home is clean, without much furniture.

our selection


Provided with three brushes XXL, it passes under the lowest furniture (H 6 cm). Possibility of programming. Autonomy 80 min, 58 dB. SmartPro Compact Philips, 349 €.

Two in one

It sucks and washing in a single pass through a microfiber cloth connected to a removable water reservoir. Autonomy 90 min, 65 dB. Sweepy, E-ziclean, 449 €.


Connected to Wi-Fi, this robot is controlled from a smartphone: starting, stopping, monitoring suction path ... Autonomy 6 h, 69 dB. Botvac Connected Neato, 749 €.


Simple to use, it has a Spot Clean mode to quickly pick up debris on a small area (cereals overturned, etc.). Autonomy 2 h, 61 dB. Roomba 616, iRobot, 369 €.

Remote control

On the driver via an LCD or remotely, using a remote control. It can also be programmed. Autonomy 90 min, 70 dB. Kobold VR200, Vorwerk, 749 €.


It maps the entire house, there then is choose the parts to be cleaned. Touch screen and remote control. Autonomy 90 min, 69 dB. PowerBot SR20K9350W, Samsung, 1199 €.

360 °

With a powerful hyper engine and a camera, it avoids all obstacles. Remote control via smartphone. Autonomy 45 min. Dyson 360 Eye, Dyson, 1190 €.


Equipped with cameras, it sends pictures on smartphone in case of movements during your absence. Time 100 min, 60 dB. Hm-Bot Turbo + LG, 1099 €.

What is the central vacuum?

The manufacturers assure us that this system is more hygienic, more convenient and quieter than a conventional vacuum cleaner. No need to carry the play sleigh part, a central vacuum collecting all the dust in the house. This large motorized tank is equipped, as desired, of a filter bag or a XXL bin. Located in the basement, the garage or closet, it is connected to wall outlets distributed in the habitat (expect a plug for about 50 m2). We just connect a long hose (approximately 9 m) with a suction head, and go for a super-efficient household session! The network is rather simple to install - it is also not restricted to new builds. The only snag is the cost: Approximately € 2,000 for a full installation, including installation. Note, there are kits ready to install, cheaper twice. To learn more, visit Duovac.fr, Aldes.fr or Cyclovac.fr.

The UFO: water aspirator

Or bag or filter, but a water tank 2 liter: manufactured in Germany, this vacuum is then unique! His secret? A turbine which, rotating at high speed trap dust to direct to the water. As a bonus, the unit purifies the air and removes dust mites our bedding. Alas, the device is rather bulky and downright expensive ... 67 dB. Delphin, 2430 €.

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