• The tips to develop its bathroom
  • An island bath
  • My spa at home
  • Italian shower ... for ever
  • Color into the bath
  • A high tech fittings
  • Innovations onto the walls
  • The success of the furniture to suspend ...
  • ... and sinks!


The tips to develop its bathroom

If you have a bath, know that it is possible to replace it with a simple shower or a walk-in shower, which is handy to arrange the bathroom, especially for people with reduced mobility. But if you want to totally revise the layout and change everything is possible, because it's very easy to move arrivals and drainage. In design, be vigilant not to place electrical appliance within 60 cm of a water point, security question.

Credit: Lapeyre

An island bath

She stands in the middle of the bathroom to give us a queen room, and dream! But is the island bath easy to adopt? An update our web series pro home.


My spa at home

Riding the wave of well-being at home, this corner bath for relaxation with its generous size (140 cm x 140 cm) and comfort (integrated seat, headrest).

Two imperatives before succumbing to this type of wellness bath: have a room large enough bathroom and a fat wallet!

bath "sardana" of Grandform for Toothbrush
Dimensions: 140 x 140 cm
Available in 5 colors
Price: from 2355 Euros
The site:


Italian shower ... for ever

We love these showers open to the outside or simply protected by a glass wall. Here, the wall of the shower design to the curved shape mixing glass and chrome aluminum for a modern income. To marry a chrome fittings too, and pretty black tile mosaic floor.

Shower screen "Openspace" Lapeyre
Price: 579 euros (a wall) or 999 euros (2 walls)
Website: www.lapeyre.fr

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Color into the bath

A bathroom a little dark? that lack of pep? In a nod transform the space with this colorful bath, with 4 ramps integrated LEDs. Supplied with a remote control to change the atmosphere in 6 variants blue, it is also equipped with 2 records and headrests for a couple use!

Divine light bath Castorama
Ref. 569791
Dimensions: L 175 x W 80 x H 64 cm
Price: 999 euros


A high tech fittings

The decor is also housed in the details ... A high tech faucet immediately gives a modern touch to sink. This faucet chromed brass at Castorama is contemporary with its straight lines and its touch screen. It changes the temperature of the water easily. Blue, orange or red, it is also adorned with color to identify the temperature of a glance.

Easy sink mixer Castorama
Ref. 566413
Price: 200 euros

Tile of spain

Innovations onto the walls

No more all-white on the walls of the bathroom! We can now create true decorative world thanks to the many available materials: ceramics, stones ... and varieties of colors, from classic to more flashy. Like here, with this ceramic tile for a pop mood in the morning!

wall tiles "Style" Tile of spain
Price: from 18 euros / m²

And to customize the walls of his bathroom with his favorite shots, visit
www.okhyo.com, which manufactures tiles from your photos ...

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lounge Ideobain 2010


The success of the furniture to suspend ...

This is a trend we like: the Hanging bathroom furniture. They give a breath of fresh air in the bathroom and are valuable space saving solutions for smaller rooms. Here, this oak furniture set offers a sober and contemporary style to the bathroom.

Collection "influences" of Delpha
Assembly shown in 160 cm: low under basin, the bottom side 2 sliding, washstand, washbasin and rectangular mirror.
Price: 2324 Euros
Website: www.espace-aubade.fr

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... and sinks!

Gros also successful in recent years in the bathroom: the sink. All trademarks are put there. So we find now sinks of all shapes, all materials and therefore prices. We selected this model of Allia, a round, low white ceramic basin, to ask directly to your plan. Very refined, it does not offer range for the valve, which allows to consider many design solutions.

Vasques "Vanity" Allia
Dimensions: 13 cm high, 38 cm in diameter (also available as 32 cm and 26 cm).
Price: 258 euros in white, 353 euros in chocolate and matte black.

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