Focus on the plasterboard

The plasterboard is a material composed of plaster and board: between two layers of recycled cardboard, plaster is poured in order to obtain plates. These plates are mainly used to build partitions, dubbing and the ceilings are for that very economical and quick solutions. This material is very easy to implement and has a high resistance, hence its incredible success over the past fifteen years. If there are different thicknesses and sizes, the standard plasterboard plate remains the BA13. So she made 13 mm thick and is used to mount multiple media.


The different models of plasterboard

Further BA13, there are other standard sizes and thicknesses of plasterboard plates, i.e., BA10, BA15 on the BA18, and BA25, respectively 10 mm, 15 mm, 18 mm and 25 mm thick. These sheets generally have a width of 120 cm and sometimes 60 cm.


The uses and the different types of plasterboard

There are several types of plasterboard as needed. First, the thermal lining plasterboard allows parts thermal insulation so that the temperature is regulated to live comfortably. Indeed, this material is interesting to maintain optimum temperatures during severe cold or hot weather. Other plates concern sound insulation. They are interesting to use in rooms like the living room or the adjoining rooms. This acoustic insulation technical assistance splitting noise from one room to the other two. In rooms exposed to moisture such as the bathroom, it is advantageous to use a water-resistant plasterboard to be highly resistant to water. Recognizable by its green color, it is designed to withstand six times more than a standard plate to moisture. As for the parts of babies and children's rooms, opt for plates of plasterboard which have specificity to purify the air. Children are most susceptible to risks of polluted air, this solution eliminates much of the pollutants in indoor air. Finally, if you want a durable solution to the fire, especially in the kitchen, room in which a starting fire can take place, you can choose a fireproof plasterboard. If you need to create curves, convert your attic or a hard piece of access, opt for plates of flexible plasterboard. Also, if you're only looking for a plate to give consistency to a damaged wall or that is not right, you can choose a thin thickness of plasterboard.


The price of plasterboard

The plasterboard is a very affordable financially material. Its price varies depending on its thickness, width and specificity (waterproof, fireproof ...). The first prices start at around 2 euros / m² and go up to 8-10 euros / m² for plasterboard panels or fire resistant to water and moisture.


Some tips for laying the plasterboard

If you need to create a partition or make a dubbing, you can choose to ask plasterboard plates with metal rails. This allows for very walls rights. To do this, choose self-drilling screws to press every 30 cm. To give new life to a damaged wall, you can choose to paste the plasterboard using a special glue, provided that your wall is healthy. The plasterboard glue is a powder to be mixed with water to obtain a paste and firm. For adhesion, apply the material in large pads on the plate (about every 30 cm), then place the plate and hold under pressure with hold time the glue dries.

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