Making a nice decorative garland

This garland can be used both on the doorknob of the room a little girl, that act as blazes, to match your curtains. Follow our step by step to achieve it, at home, easily.

A decorative garland

A butterfly tealight

Personalize pretty little lanterns with patterned paper with this ultra simple technique. Perfect to keep the kids this summer!

make a butterfly tealight through towels bonding technique

Making a windmill

The windmill, it is not only to entertain children or protect its plantations birds! Set in the ground or placed on a terrace, they can be very decorative. Pick pretty origami paper and get started!

Our creative Listing make a windmill

A beautiful starry card to do it yourself

Hanging from a tree in the garden, in the kitchen or above the baby's crib, a thousand possibilities available to you with this pretty starry card to realize yourself. Follow the guide.

Achieving a star map

Make a cardboard furniture, not so complicated!

Summer is the ideal time to embark on the creation of a cardboard furniture. To help you, look at this video being directed by the creator of Fificartoon, and print the details of this demonstration.

How to make yourself a cardboard furniture

Decorate his garden with small vases suspended

These glass air suspensions are really simple to make. With a little imagination and creativity, they will give a chic kind side to your patio or garden.

See the idea created: the
vases suspended

Making a candle lantern

Customize Candle lanterns for the summer, hanging on as you wish to trees or place on the table of your terrace.

See our idea created for
make a candle lantern

Creating kind Deco sconces

Make candleholders release nature. From colored paper, small flowers and a little creativity, you can make easily a beautiful work. It is also a very nice gift idea.

See the creative idea to
make candleholders

Customize a fruit bowl

This cup is perfect to serve your fresh fruit. A mixture of turquoise, cherry and anise makes it a true decorative object. Our step by step to create yourself a beautiful flower cup.

See the step by step to achieve a nice fruit bowl

Making a small basket of gardening

A wooden cart, which can be used both for gardening work in outdoor table decoration, this is what we propose to achieve with this creative idea.

See the step by step
make a small basket of gardening

Summer lanterns very creative

With the days getting longer, our outdoor cravings come back fast. Color and brighten your patio this summer by making these lanterns hanging from posts. An original creative idea.

See the creative idea of
lanterns for summer

Perform 10 minutes napkin rings

To customize your summer table, working on the towels. If the folding scares you, go for nice round homemade towels. Here is a step by step to introduce you and realize easily in minutes.

Our plug hobby to perform
napkin rings

A light string for my summer table

Bring a sense of fun to your summer table with this creative idea: this light string, easy to carry, will brighten your buffet at night.

Our plug hobby for the realization of a
light string

Carry a candle lemongrass for summer

For your long summer evenings outside, make yourself citronella candles, ideal for repelling mosquitoes. From small ceramic pot, it's really simple. And if you have an artistic soul, paint the drawings of sunny ...

Our plug hobby for
making a spark plug

Making a buoy hanging

The marine theme is the safe bet for a successful decoration in the bathroom or toilet. Go for a plain wooden floor and furniture and add your personal touch with this buoy hanging inside or on the door. Our step by step to achieve it.

Our card for creative leisure
make a buoy hanging

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