Home staging, what is it?

Practiced by decorators and interior designers, this technique is to develop a property in order to generate the favorite among potential buyers during visits.

The 5 golden rules: 

1- Depersonalize

family photos, children's names on the room doors, various collections ... We stash everything related to our privacy. "If buyers are unable to project"Warns Sophie Ferjani. Even if set too personal decoration to be consensual, such as a wall painted red, golden wallpaper, zebra bed linen ...

2- cluttering

It gets rid of furniture and ornaments that make unreadable space. Visitors should be able to estimate the volume of a look. "It is not all clear, shade Sophie Ferjani, otherwise the pieces seem tiny. Keep the essential: in a room such as a bed, desk and closet."

3- Fix

A cracked wall, blackened seals or a dripping tap could cool the potential buyers. "To seduce a house should be well maintained"Ensures Sophie Ferjani. So, before receiving visitors, we take the time to make the necessary repairs.  

4- Redesign

It does not hesitate to move the furniture to clear the windows, facilitate the circulation and give a feeling of space. And restores its function in every room. You have transformed a gym in room or office? Get back down there reinstalling a bed "People are hyper square when they visit, says Sophie Ferjani. They want to find the number of rooms we told them, but also see the dining room or, failing that, the dining area. Do not disturb."

5- Decorating

To highlight volumes, Sophie Ferjani put on gray, taupe and beige, more subtle than white. She does not hesitate to paint tiles, walls and tatty furniture, and employs materials "Cache misery" bluffing and cheap: vinyl, laminate, wood paneling ... "It has to be simple but effective", She says. Last tip of the moderator: place here and there high value decorative objects. "An industrial chandelier, rug or ethnic pretty dishes can all tilt. This is psychological: the visitor said residents have good taste, he identifies and feels flattered."

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