The extent of the range

If you are looking for a safe garden to be able to leave out some items without fear of bad weather, you have only to choose from: all signs in offer, almost. There are both in your large regular surface than in cheap discount stores, specialty stores in gardening but also in DIY and on many websites ... They come in many materials and prices. But beware, all are not equal. Left to equip your garden or terrace a storage box, think carefully about the use you will make, and find the boot that will fit your need.

The different uses storage lockers

While length on which one can sit, or height with shelves inside coffers have many advantages: to you to make the most. Near your barbecue, you'll need a fairly high storage on which it will be possible to put a hot meal (avoid while plastics) and with shelves inside on which the utensils, spices, some plates ... On your terrace, These are glasses that will be useful to have on hand, but in the garden, your chest may be used instead to store some tools, a bag of potting soil and pots unusual: there, it will make servicing easy, and you prefer the resin wicker! Near the pool, no need to shelves, it is more a trunk you choose to throw buoys, lounger cushions and creams ... in a material that easily resists water!

Different models

Opening the front or top (or both), polypropylene resin or wood autoclave to 30 euros or more than 300 euros, the offer is huge! Before making your choice, think much volume you need. In stores, it is expressed in liters: 130 liters for a tiny trunk, 400 liters for a large, 1 200 liters if you need it to store your lawnmower or your mountain bike. Then determine the maximum dimensions according to the place you have to where you want to put. For the same volume, you can find more narrow chests or higher, if the floor space is reduced. Ask yourself also about maintenance: a chest of resin or plastic storage more resistant to rain and will be made clean with a sponge, certainly, but also the wood is resistant to climatic variations and requires that a phone xylopheneAnnual ®. Then comes the big question, the one you really want to ask you: aesthetics. Your garden exudes natural? Choose a lighter shade of autoclave wood becomes gray with time, or wicker which may last less, but will be lighter to the eye. If the environment of your pool is ultramodern, choose a smooth resin in charcoal gray tones. Near the barbecue, you can have a black metal box that will make him nicely echo. 

You may want to cover your cushions storage box matched those chairs on the terrace or deck chairs by the pool: in this case, choose a flat chest. While length, so you can get two or three courses of more, but there are also round coffers which then look like big poufs. In any event, prior to purchase, test the resistance of the walls! In the garden, to better evacuate rainwater, prefer a chest lid tilted backwards. And if you plan to store shovels and rakes, it is more on the side of the garden cabinets to look out: a safe height while without shelves. These garden cabinets are also appreciated by the pools, and some have the good taste to look like beach huts, adding a little summer to summer!

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