Set in a corner, a corner or even a closet, the office has more than one trick up his sleeve to provide a functional space without cluttering the living room. If you do not have the chance to have one more room to devote to your office, these 12 solutions are made for you.

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1. As an extension of the kitchen island

In this apartment in the heart of Nantes, the owners have chosen to install their office in the extension of the kitchen work surface, open to living. A solution made possible by an upstream thought development, and customized implementation. Another advantage is located near the window, the office enjoys a beautiful natural light. 

Tip: If you like, as here, the black paint, feel free to use chalkboard paint to customize your desk!

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2. Optimize every corner

You want to optimize every corner? Use, as in the interior of Leicester, from simple planks to create a desk and shelves. Asymmetrically arranged, they form a practical and modern space, large enough to put work items and decorative items. Here, we chose the light wood floor to illuminate and unify the room.

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Almost in the countryBy Janand Delahousse architects © Julien Pepy - Check out more photos of contemporary offices


3. A multifunctional furniture

In this large room, the office has been integrated with a custom-designed multifunctional furniture to take advantage of an often neglected area: the corner of the room. A clever niche game provides the storage needed while a task lighting has been designed to make this functional desk.

Tip: The massive side of the cabinet has been mitigated by the white dressing, thereby melt into the walls of the room.