The BA13, what is it? And why we call it that? 

The BA13 is a gypsum board made easy to handle in that it is covered on each side by a thin sheet of cardboard. This strengthens its resistance, certainly, but without making it unbreakable, far from it: the BA13 is handled with extreme care, particularly because it is thin: 13 mm, hence the "13" its name. It therefore has the advantage of not "eat" too much space, during the repair of a workpiece, for example. Indeed, the BA13 is especially popular during the renovations: its large plates of 3 square meters allow quick cover walls damaged or difficult to work (stones, bricks, etc.), or redo a roof and get a surface smooth, easy to be covered. But the BA13 is also used in new buildings, particularly in developing partitions non carriers. Okay for the 13, but "BA", It corresponds to what? "BA" are the initials of "tapered edges". This facilitates the laying of the coating that will come consolidate the junction between two plates placed side by side.

The multiple uses of BA13

You will find the BA13 in all stores specializing in DIY and construction, and also on the Internet, some specialized sites or marketplaces. Readily available, these plasterboard are considered standards in France, the following dimensions: 1.20 meters by 2.50 meters. Have no fear: the BA13 is cut perfectly to the jigsaw or handsaw, and will fit all your projects (beams contours, repair roof, custom closets, etc.). On the cardboard sheets that cover the plaster, it is even very easy to draw the necessary cuts (expect a cutter to precut cardboard, precisely). As it is very light, the BA13 is very easy to use despite its large size, even if you are only to install. You will be surprised by the speed at which your project takes shape!

Mainly used for the preparation of walls in new buildings, the BA13 is also favored by catering for the walls as for ceilings. But according to the destination of your drywall, choose the corresponding BA13! Waterproof, fireproof, sound or decorative, determine the BA13 you need. In the rooms, go for a sound or BA13, if you have allergies, for a composition BA13 to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOC) are 70% less emissions. To build a closet or dressing room, the standard BA13 enough, but also see the decorative side BA13 save you consider the installation of floor coverings. In a room of water (construction of a walk-in shower or partitioning the kitchen), we recommend a waterproof BA13, which more resistant to moisture. However, in the kitchen, if you plan to attach cupboards height rather seek advice on BA13 resistant loads. And if your son makes music with his band mates, quickly, cover the walls of the acoustic BA13 garage: you will lose little on the surface, and you will gain comfort! It goes without saying that the BA13 with the specific cost more than the standard BA13, but you can get great rates as packaging, the number of plates ordered and if you speak to an outlet store. If prices vary by store count 6 euros for a plate of 3 square meters BA13 standard triple to the waterproof BA13 and BA13 four times for a fireproof plate.

The installation of the BA13

It's simple, it sticks! Once you have prepared the surface to be covered and made the necessary cuts (think including electrical wiring, a hole saw could be then necessary), you Glue your plates with a suitable mortar. It is advisable to place spaced glue pads 30 cm, 15 cm from the edge. Then you place your plate pressing strongly (starting with a corner of the room) with a rule and a mallet. It is only when the mortar is dry you will make the joints between your plates with specific bands to be coated, then you can cover it with paper, paint or tile.

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