Here's a strange name for a position of the Kamasutra! The drunk up Mr. boat in the skin of Captain and Mrs. becomes a vessel to steer gently to orgasm ... The pace is slow, the penetration is deep: complicity is at the rendezvous. A delight to authorize without moderation.

It's good to know...

  • Can not talk about the drunken boat without mentioning the famous poem by Arthur Rimbaud. The author (homosexual) he knew the position of the Kamasutra? The liked it? Hard to say...
  • Nature has been very generous with Chouchou? Because it allows penetration (very) deep, the position of the drunken boat will be perfect and will make him forget his little complex.
  • Want to introduce you to masturbation couple ? The position of the drunken boat offers a royal access to the clitoris, with which Mr can be fun to take us to the seventh heaven - clitoral, it is the position for you.
  • Advice to pregnant women: the position of the drunken boat is comfortable up to the ninth month of pregnancy. Do not deprive yourself! Moreover, according to some sources, this position would be ideal for the Kamasutra get pregnant.
  • You complexez on your little belly, not firm enough for you? Do not panic: the position of the drunken boat exposes a perfectly flat stomach (almost) under Chouchou - that is, the model now?
  • Romantic couples will enjoy this drunken boat that transports the lovers eye to eye ...
  • Not so cushy it, the position of the drunken boat! Indeed, to take Madame will have to contract the abdominal and buttocks. A fitness session rather pleasant.
  • Out of inspiration for playlist love from this evening ? To stay in the nautical theme, we refer you to the trap (Brigitte Bardot) She prefers love at sea (Philippe Lavil) Love at the beach (Niagara), night Cargo (Axel Bauer) ... and if Chouchou has a sense of humor, it engages on Under the sea (the little Mermaid)!

The position of the drunken boat: a nice trip duo

The technique. The woman lies on her back on the mattress and man, on his knees, comes between his outstretched legs, lifted vertically. For convenience, you can place a small flat pillow under the buttocks Lady - however, the pillow under his head is not recommended because it can disrupt breathing and cause neck pain.

To keep the balance, Mr. takes his partner by the ankles and largely deviates knees. This little sporty stance may also relocate the kitchen: Madame down on his back on the table and Mr. standing has slipped between her thighs. On the road!


The boat overturned. This time it is the ship which takes power! Pet sits on a chair, the spaced legs, feet on the floor. His partner sits on him with outstretched legs of both sides of his torso. To maintain balance, she lovingly wraps her arms around his neck.

The lock. A variant of the drunken boat that caters primarily to couples who have small balance problem ... Lady starts sitting on a table (or dresser, or desk ...) and gets support on his forearms, body slightly thrown back. Mr. standing has slipped between his legs and his partner closed them to keep it pressed against her.

The sports boat. You are looking for a challenge? Test the drunken boat, sports version: sitting on his knees, ankles Mr. grabs his partner to lift his legs to the vertical so that it makes a nice pear. It raises the buttocks of his companion on his thighs and executes a back and forth very slow ... but very deep. Attention uncomfortable position!

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