When watching Dr. House, your man is convinced he has the same symptoms as the characters of the series. A cramp and plans phlebitis, headache and file emergency request a scanner ... It is surely part of the 13% French suffer from hypochondria. 

People affected by this phobia live in absolute fear of the disease. At the slightest pain, they are subject to great anguish and often need to consult to get around. To make matters worse, they tend to surinformer on the internet, which generates stress in addition about their fate.

If you live with a hypochondriac, a council: do not take his fears seriously. It needs, however, to feel surrounded, as this psychopathology is often due to a fear of abandonment or early loss of a loved one, in childhood. How to learn to live with a hypochondriac, and how to help? Dr. Roland Coutanceau * you book his advice. 

* Author of Should be normal? Ed. Michel Lafon, in March 2014.

Did you know ? A third of French fears of disease. 
Live with a serial flirty, how calm his enthusiasm?