The wedding list is very cute but often completely fictitious. So instead of taking the lead in choosing products in all price ranges to provide a list worthy of the name, why not offer the guests to finance the wedding itself? Our family can "invest" in the amount they want to dress, hairstyle or caterer that which they hold dear ... A nice way to be offered a day worthy of a fairy tale!

that'WE love : the daring idea straight out of the head of grooms who galèraient to finance their wedding. Wedzem is the first participatory wedding site and for that, we draw our hats. It also falls for super cute interface, that makes you want to dive into a pool of sweets!

 thatWe do not like: in fact, not much. The idea may shock conservative minds, because finance the wedding, not to give a gift to married itself. But when we know that the day will cost between 8,000 and 10,000 € ... * Participate in the organization, it's really their help. And it supports the project thoroughly!

* Figures

More information on the operation of Wedzem on their website.

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