'Idea into a liberated relationship of two forms of the past: your ex and your love beliefs.

Regarding the former, you understand that it is not possible to engage in love if you always think the one that we liked so much or so disappointed at a time or, conversely, if we a resentment that takes us so much energy. When a woman "between related"A man, unconsciously, will feel mild arranged, easygoing or rather "heavy of a past" that clutters still strongly.

It's the same beliefs. A man feels when his new partner is or not "charged" beliefs which lead to excessive demands or stereotypes about love, the opposite sex or how to conduct a relationship. A stereotype in love leads us to judge too soon to consider that a particular personality trait, or such and such behavior is unacceptable. Balance? We crispons too early in the relationship and our mate feels. Without realizing it, we "shut" the relationship.

No catastrophism or need to see a shrink: we all have a past! And we have all received from our environment (family, past stories) beliefs that we have built is positively or with unnecessary brakes that prevent us from moving forward. The key is to make the right sort.

You will change then look at the relationship or men and you release something else. Even if your life path is strewn hassle (like pretty things), do not worry. A rich personality is still very attractive when it is full of bumps. The trick is to wear the right view of self and his past when in seduction mode, or in a relationship!

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