" A known model ", Anastasia, 37
In a Parisian bar, the atmosphere was festive and ... alcoholic. I started to flirt with a pretty guy at all but so drunk that he lacked class damn. I remember he could hardly stand. We ended with him but he has not even managed to make me love. A few weeks later, I discovered his head in 4x3 in the subway: it was the face of a campaign for Hermès fragrance line ... Good looks but bad shot, bad!

"a bi ", Alix, 40
It was a charming stuffed photographer, but very sensitive to the particular physical. A mix between Maria Pacome and Mick Jagger. Together we formed an unusual couple, so "Beauty and the Beast". I was twenty, ten more to him and his mouth surprised. It was bi and I knew it. Our relationship was essentially based on affection. Suddenly, I had the right to cunnis for three years.

"My college director," Sophie, 26
More charming than beautiful, fifties, he caught my eye from the first day. I fantasized about the idea of ​​sleeping with a mature man. On the evening of graduation, we talked, joked ... and even danced together. We ended the night in his car. The next day I had a fantasy of least to achieve!

" A GO! ", Christine, 52
I was on holiday at the Club with a girlfriend. One evening, I really dropped and I ended up in the arms of a GO, a guy who did not like it particularly. He was a medical student. We made love well into the night and then took a midnight swim. In the morning, he gave me the recipe for apple pie grandmother. In short, a pretty crazy night. The next day, it was like we did not know ... the kind of night where we give everything without asking any questions.

" Un has-been singer ", Gladys, 38
We often crossed in night clubs. All the girls turned him around. It was a nice guy but I found it a bit to pick up so it did not interest me more than that. One night, he set his sights on me but I resisted him. So, it made him crazy and he started to pick me to death. I ended by saying: " If you want me to sleep with you, it will make me drink a lot ". So, it made me drop a meter small tequila shots on the bar. I do not know if I drank it all but we got back together. Once in bed, reality took over. I definitely not wanted to hit me this former star of the top 50 ... There are many wanted me.

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