Films of love, we love it. It was nice to pretend to love horror movies and forcing yourself to go to art house films at the cinema, it is stronger than we: our guilty pleasures casually refer to Titanic and Love Actually Bridget Jones.

It must be said that after a difficult day, a "rom-com" (read " romantic comedy "In French) is a hundred times more effective than an episode of Game of Thrones to cheer. And better for our sleep, too. The manual, we know well: we hold on the couch with a big pair of socks, a packet of tissues and (optionally) a box of cakes and presto, it's gone for 1:30 romanticism Hollywood version. And if we can carry some girlfriends in the adventure, it's even better!

The moment that most preferred is obviously one where the hero (who triumphed terrorist / global conspiracy / of the war, of course) declares his love to the woman of his life. There in our couch, the myth Prince Charming we saw: that girl, that's us! Unusual, dramatic, tragic or just moving, you were selected 10 declarations of love that made us shiver... At your handkerchiefs! 

Testimonials: readers tell us their proposals of marriage ...

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