Communication, benevolence, complicity, confidence, humor, sexual compatibility, all important parameters for a couple to work ... But obviously it is not enough!

Ladies if you are a couple, measure your spouse whether your story is going to last ...

Indeed, man's size in the couple would an impact on the happiness of the woman, and therefore the pair (logic). In any case the assertion Kitae Sohn, a researcher from the University of Konkuk in Seoul (South Korea) in a study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences.

Studies have already shown that women more readily turned towards greatest men that. The researcher is interested in 7850 married women and found that over the size difference was significant in the couple, most women were happy and the couple maintained better relations.

For Kitae Sohn, attraction of women to the greatest men can not be explained, "like when you prefer sweet to savory," he explains. But the specialist, the great men represent strength, protection for women, which could reassure and make them happier in marriage.

However, still according to the study, after 18 years of marriage, the relationship between size difference and happiness in marriage is not verified ...

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