"A matter of budget" - Mary, 31 years old

"When making the guest list, we immediately encountered a major problem: we had expected 190 guests, including 60 children - including 35 pre-teen. Suffice to say that we explosions widely our (small budget ! So we decided to book dinner for adults, to save on caterer : On the announcement, we stated "The evening will be without children, thank you for your understanding." I was a little afraid of the reactions: however, only two couples have refused to come. And some guests were not able to keep their children: they are therefore came at wine reception. But overall, all guests have included our decision. And some even thanked us finally alone! "

"The children are part of the family! "- Aurélie, 26

"For her wedding, a cousin of my Darling had chosen to refuse children. When I received the Invitations, I was very disappointed ... and my 8 year old son even more. He was waiting for this day so looking forward! In my opinion, children are part of the family (yes!). They have the right to be present at the happy events and weddings are included. I think every parent should be free to choose: on this sensitive subject, married do not have to impose their views as they impose the dresscode ... Show some respect! "

"We played on the announcement" - Elodie, 24 years

"It was primarily a question of budget for our wedding, we just do not have the means to hire a babysitter ... But how to announce our decision to guests ? We dug the head for a long time. And in the end, we chose to play on the announcement: the address, we wrote "To Mr. and Mrs. ..." without mentioning children. A bit subtle, certainly ... But everyone understood! We had no negative comments. I even feel that parents have benefited more ... "

"Guests were sliced" - Dawn, 24

"We were not specifically given" instructions "to our guests We believe that everyone does as he is able with his means. But ultimately, it is they who have decided to come without their children! Each had found a babysitter. The result for our wedding meal, there was as ours and some distant cousins ​​... And it does not stop us from enjoying ourselves. "

"Never without my darlings" - Slo, 30

"I am the mother of three beautiful children: they were respectively 11 years, 3 years and 18 months. And I can not imagine getting married without them ... Once, we were invited to a wedding 'adults' we chose not to go. Deny my little ones is like denying my spouse. It's inconceivable! Sure, a child, it runs, it screams, it sings ... But it is that, too, life. And a marriage, it also celebrates the life, right? That said, even if I do not understand those couples who choose to marry without children, I refuse to judge. They certainly have their reasons ... "

"We organized two evenings" - Ana, 28

"My Honey and I love kids. The problem is that when we chose our receiving location, we really fell in love with a room that was too small to accommodate definitely Entire families ... Do not worry: we decided to rent an eccentric building to organize a "special children" evening. For the occasion, I bought candy, manufactured cabins, small gifts deposited in the plates ... and asked for help two trusted babysitter. Parents loved the idea. And everyone had fun! "

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