"Mirror, mirror, what my sex he look? ". Not the stepmother of Snow White never say that. But you, have you ever watched what looked like yours? In the era of porno-chic aesthetic, the sexes are beautiful. In pornographic films, actresses unveil vulvas hairless, smooth, where no imperfection would be relevant. Yet that sexuality is not that of everyone. But sex sells. It has also become a marketing object in salons and even dares to present the vulva beauty contests. Yes, you read correctly. Its creator Brian Sloan launched this competition to market toys which have the appearance of winning vulvas. Except that when you discover the podium, there is a kind: smooth, white, small lips are very prominent, large almost invisible. But this is far from the norm, if indeed there have one. "All vulvas are different, there is no standard model," says Cecilia Commo, sexologist and sex therapist. Still, many women do not know what look like theirs.

According to one study Terpan conducted by the laboratory, specializing in female and male condoms, and SoWhat magazine, one in three women would never have seen his genitals. "I have patients who discover their vulva to 50 years," says sexologist. And when advised to take a glass, spread their legs and watch, his patients tend to watch in amazement. Cecilia Commo reports that reactions are felt astonishment, surprise "Oh you have to watch it? "Ask some. But with some disgust still. The vulva is ugly. "It's a funny way of perceiving find its ugly sex. You can not set it aside, give consideration is to love. "

Female sex, a taboo unconscious

Shame female, consider it ugly, usually begins in childhood by Cecilia Commo "when you're little girl is not seen our sex, unlike boys who under his nose all the time" . the genitals are then thought of as mysterious and somewhat hidden. And if they are hidden, is that we should not see them. The Origin of the World Gustave Courbet scandalized today, especially on Facebook where the painting is censored, so that it was painted in the 1860s, but it is a consideration that dies hard. So that for some women, it's almost unconscious. Jennifer Genestier, co-founder of rowdy, collective that wants to break prejudices about female sexuality, says that "some are ashamed of their vulva, their sex. Others do not know that for them it is a taboo. " The rowdy did a test of what they call the Sexplore a workshop where women in their intimacy, discovering their vulva and share their feedback online with other participants. "They thus less ashamed to say things, how they feel. They can discuss what they see and they also learn to accept through the reactions of others, "says Jennifer Genestier. Laura Cherfi, the other co-founder of the group, reports including the emotion of some who discover this part of their body: "There are some for whom this is a turning point because they had never seen their sexuality in front . There were tears of joy, because they are so detached from the shame that they could feel vis-à-vis gender. "

Besides, teach the anatomy of the female does not obvious. The SVT books do not show patterns of the vulva, perineum, urethra, clitoris, penis while he is at the center of attention when it comes to reproductive system. However, little novelty in the books of science and life of the earth middle and high school, the clitoris will be presented in full in the edition 2017 Editions Magnard manual. In June 2016, the High Council of equality between men and women had published a report which showed that a quarter of girls 15 years did not know they had a clitoris and that 83% of high school girls and college girls ignored its function.

Watch her sex, a symbolic approach

Whatever one thinks of this series, an episode of Sex and The City illustrates the desire to break the taboo and change the way you wear to her sex. Samantha, Carrie and Miranda seem frightened to find that their friend Charlotte has seen his genitals. But when she discovers her vulva with a hand mirror she can not look away from what she has discovered. Laura Cherfi says that for her, watch her sex when a woman is also a way to regain his sexuality in hand and do not expect that our partner understands itself which gives us the pleasure. "There is something symbolic in this. Before we gave her sex, women were mostly passive time in their sexuality, "she says.

Labia that exceed one s'Cares!

While some have already taken a mirror out of curiosity when they were young, others regard their sex than later. Or never. Do not look at him is to ignore how it is done, where everything is: the internal lips, external lips, clitoris, urethra. And look at it is. Touch, dare discover is better. And Cecilia Commo is to be in tune with oneself. "You have to teach women to listen to their sex," she says, there are still women who let in without feeling pleasure. So they feel pain, frustration. "Look sex, touch, listen, it's essential to know what is possible or not.

Medically speaking, touching his penis is also a way to detect some gynecological problems. Vulva, perineum and lips can get infections such as papillomavirus or herpes. Palpate her breast is common in many women, but for Cécilia Commo is because the breasts are usually shown in uninhibited manner. It is important to know what look your genitals to cure these problems. And do not be ashamed. Whether you have small lips protruding large, we have hair, the colors are different, sometimes brown, sometimes pink. Then, and if we looked more often? 

thanks to Cecilia Commo, sexologist and sex therapist and Laura and Jennifer Cherfi Genestier, founders rowdy.

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