In ancient times, the Persians believed that touch wood allowed to place themselves under the protection of the gods; Later, Christians have taken this action to ward off bad luck and bring good luck. Today, the expression "knock on wood" is still used.

universal symbol of nature, wood is central to many beliefs: it is associated with knowledge (because you wrote it, it is thanks to him that manufactures paper), to life and the rebirth, it is considered a link between earth and heaven ... in some cultures, we plant a tree wedding day: it grows along with the couple. A beautiful tradition, you take willingly.

Tradition holds that for each wedding anniversary, we offer to our heart elected a gift related to the matter in the spotlight this year ... Also, to celebrate your wedding wood in the rules of art, offer a wooden gift and / or gift related to drink your dear husband! Here are 5 ideas to inspire you.

An unusual night

budget: it is reasonable

One night in a cabin in the middle of the forest, anyone? In France, the concept of "unusual accommodation" is developing at great speed: the time of night, you can sleep on top of a tree in the middle of a field in a nature park with wolves in a trailer, in a tipi ...

To match the theme of honor this year (the wood, so) we propose to spend a night with friends in a cabin at the top of a tree, or in a cottage in the heart of the forest, or a wildlife park (Sainte-Croix Animal park, for example) or in a Lov'Nid a wooden bubble perched several meters above the ground ... change of scenery without leaving France.

Some websites to help you make your choice: My Unusual Accommodation, The unusual accommodation guide, Cabanes France. Do not hesitate to take in advance to get the best price!

A gift medley

budget: " it's up to you "

You love challenges and you have (some) free time? To celebrate 5 years of marriage, we suggest to make a gift medley. The principle is quite simple: it is to give your dear and tender 5 wooden gifts - it must do the same. Warning: set a budget ahead (10 euros a gift, for example) and a time limit ( "we offer our gifts tonight at 20 pm, not after!") To fit well things.

Looking for inspiration? No panic, we help you: a wooden jewel, a panel with a nice quote, a sculpture, a candlestick, a nice safe, a candle, a set of knives, a bedside lamp, mirror, puzzle .. . It's your turn !

Variant. It's more complicated but also more fun: 5 looking for gifts related to 5 years of marriage - a cotton gift, a gift leather, a wheat gift (= wheat), a gift of wax, and of course a wooden gift.

5 years of marriage: 5 gift ideas for your wedding wood

A love letter

budget: zero (well almost).

With wood, we make paper. And with the paper ... are made love letters. It seems a little far-fetched? No matter: this anniversary is also an opportunity to write nice things to one who shares your life 5 years now ...

Please have a nice paper, a nice pen and presto, it's gone: open your heart! You do not know what to write? It helps you: what is the best memory you have of your wedding? What have you achieved exceptional during these 5 years together? Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Do you meet all the wedding of oak (80 years of marriage)?

Variant. If, really, you are the writer's block, choose a quote that you like and have it engraved on a wooden board ... An idea just as romantic, although a little more expensive.

A creative workshop

budget: it depends on the cities, it depends on the workshop

You have artistic talent, your horny too? On the occasion of your wedding woods, enjoy a duo workshop. A moment of complicity between lovers to reconnect with your creativity and (re) discover a common passion.

Of course, to stay in theme, one can start a workshop on "carving" or "pyrography". But one can also expand the theme of the year until the pottery, ceramics, photography (by nature, of course), DIY (you know the furniture pallets ?), the painting...


budget: not much

France has about 160 000 km of hiking trails - many paths that one may pace with Honey, with a good pair of sneakers and a backpack. A p'tite ride lovers will enhance your beautiful partnership and give you the opportunity to exceed your limits. Most athletes will opt for a hike over several days - with stops in bed&breakfast, for example.

Variant. Other sports-related nature (ie wood, we stay consistent) can also be performed as a duo on the occasion of the fifth anniversary: ​​we think in particular Run&Bike or to SwimRun.

In a relationship or single ?