Before your eyes, he was the nicest, kindest, most considerate. Except that it was before. Today everything has changed ... and you feel that ultimately Honey may not be the man in your life. In short, we have to break. Go, we back the sleeves, and let's go!

With Florence Escaravage, coach and creator of the company Love Intelligence.

By default, this article considers the couple as heterosexual. But it goes without saying that the advice is the same in the case of a gay couple!

Make the decision

A break is (often) a definitive act. Also, no way to leave on a whim! Before taking the decision, ask yourself the right questions:

  • "Do we have a future together? "
  • "Do I feel good with it? " 
  • "Are we going through a crisis, or is it that I think for a long time, this break? "
  • "What I feel for him? "
  • "Would I feel better off without him? "

You are not too sure of yourself? Maybe just need you take a break : Stay away from each other for a while ... then leave on good foundations.

TheError to avoid: Slamming the door just after a big fight. A break is a deliberate act, not a stress relief!

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You have 3 minutes?