"Foreplay is essential", Elena, 25 years old

"Men tend to" forget "preliminary ... Between women, by cons, no way to zap them: they are essential! It raises the desire slowly, with much more subtlety than men. Personally, I like to dwell on the neck and buttocks of my partner. "

"Long erotic massages"Eleonore, 28

"During the preliminaries, I caress my partner around, carefully avoiding its" strategic areas "that are sex and breasts, I kiss, it is long erotic massages ... In short, we take our time! "

"I test his reactions"Lolita, 20

"At the time of the preliminaries, which I like, is to build a real relationship with my partner. I walk her body to test his reactions and find out what makes him tick. Of course, I caress her breasts, her thighs ... but I also like to dwell on the most innocuous areas, which can nevertheless be just as exciting as the neck or hips. "

"I love to caress her breasts"Natasha, 22

"In my view, a woman, lesbian or not, remains a woman. Our erogenous zones are not different from those of heterosexual: breasts, neck, small of the back ... I like to fondle the breasts of my partner is an area that I find very erotic. "

"Cunnilingus is a must"Emeline, 24

"For me, in the preliminaries, there are a prerequisite: cunnilingus. I think this is the equivalent of penetration in heterosexual couples: a lesbian sex without cunnilingus, I consider that it is not over! "

"I love to spoil",Sabrina, 26

"I love doing cunnilingus to my partner. Although sometimes she stands up or sitting most of the time we do not complicate life: she lies on her back on the bed, and I slip between his legs. Obviously I use my language but I also enters with one or two fingers from time to time for more fun. "

"It happens like straight people!" Ludivine, 20 years

"The love between lesbians, it does not really pass as a straight couple: there is no" flow "preliminary-penetration. Fondling, masturbation, penetration, cunnilingus ... everything is mixed, in no particular order. "

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