What is an anal plug?

"Plug" means "outlet" in English, presumably to its conical shape allowing a very gradual penetration and shrinkage which are closed anal muscles. The plug is then formed to a wider base to prevent the penetration is too deep. It is widely used in sex games, but not only! It can also spice up the sex of a man and a woman. There are different sizes and widths of plugs, different materials (latex, silicone, glass, wood ...) and also plugs with a small vibrating mechanism to facilitate muscle relaxation and increase sensation.

The use of an anal plug may include some risk as tear rectal tissue. It is recommended to take certain precautions before insertion. Moreover, if it is in contact with blood, stool or vaginal secretions, the plug can result in sexually transmitted infections. It is best not to insert the object into the vagina after having inserted into the anus and wash it after each use with anti-bacterial soap.


What is a butt plug?

For a solo masturbation, anal plug can boost your feelings, because the anal area is intimately connected to the vaginal area. If you use the anal plug with your partner, or by inserting it into her anus, or in yours, you can reach the anal orgasm. Few men know and dare to practice, but anal penetration with prostate stimulation provides orgasms, it seems, more powerful orgasms that phallic.

The insertion of an anal plug helps tighten vaginal muscles and your partner gets you at the same time it will give you even more pleasure to you both. Indeed, the double penetration awakens all the sexual area and amplifies the sensations. As for the man, he can feel the plug on the other side of the membrane of flesh that separates the vagina from the anal duct and this can also increase pleasure. To practice double penetration, we must find the ideal position. You can lie on your back, and missionary, the man inserts both his penis in your vagina and plug in your anus. It is possible to proceed in the same manner in other positions such as doggy style, small spoons and Andromache.


How to use a butt plug?

Because anal sex is somewhat less harmless than vaginal penetration, it is advisable to follow some recommendations. It is necessary to have first prepared your anus by inserting a finger, you can apply lubricant on the plug and insert it very gently. the anal area while muscles should relax and clamp around the plug. Do it then gently turn so you can push it a little further.

Once introduced, the butt plug is not normally intended for up-and-coming. As its name suggests, it only branch, and prepare your anus to receive the penis of your partner. There are other sex toys that can prepare your anus sodomy. If you insert it into the anus of your partner, handling is the same. As seen above, the men often ignore because this practice brings to homosexuality, but anal penetration can become for them a real source of pleasure. By stimulating prostate your partner, you can find it extraordinary sensations. It should be discussed in advance with him and to be very gentle and understanding.

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