Luv fixed hours of television, ultra classic positions, half mast desire ... No, really, sex side is a little crossing the desert right now. You've even hoped that Mr. fell asleep quickly ... To rediscover the pleasure with a capital P and reaching (finally!) Orgasm every time, discover eight positions of the Kamasutra, which may well take you directly to seventh heaven ! Their secret? Primarily stimulate the clitoris, this body dedicated exclusively to female pleasure ...

In Kamasutra inspired down side? Find 20 positions in images to have fun with your partner ...

It is Cancer, Aquarius, Virgo? Find out what is his attitude in bed with our sexy horoscope!

A test as to achieve orgasm: cunnilingus. What do men think?

Also discover why some women do not like cunnilingus (video)

No, masturbate, it is not selfish! Discover why masturbation is good for the couple (video)

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By Apolline Henry. Illustrations Cathy Karsenty